The space industry is a key high-tech sector for Luxembourg. Luxinnovation supports the implementation of the national space policy, and the further development of the sector, in close collaboration with the Ministry of the Economy.

We were involved in analysing the relevance of setting up a Sentinel collaborative ground segment in Luxembourg to stimulate the downstream sector.

The Sentinel family satellites have been specifically developed for Copernicus, the European Earth observation programme. Setting up a ground segment in Luxembourg that repatriates and distributes Sentinel data would make it possible to grant national players, including from the administration and education sector, privileged access to these data. It would also help Luxembourg organisations position themselves for EU calls for proposals in this field.

We were in charge of elaborating a national strategy for this ground segment and of putting in place the cooperation agreement with the European Space Agency (ESA). We are responsible for the implementation that will take place during the first part of 2017. Discussions are also under way with a partner region regarding a possible cooperation with the Luxembourg government.

Following the launch of the initiative, we met and supported 22 international companies that are considering locating activities in Luxembourg. aims to position Luxembourg as the European leader in the field of space mining, notably by providing a legal framework for companies extracting resources, such as rare minerals or water, from asteroids or other celestial bodies. Foreign companies that show an interest in Luxembourg include not only those that have direct links with the exploration and use of outer space resources, but also others that see the country’s potential as a location for business development in the space sector. Our job includes analysing which ones could bring skills and activities that would best benefit our space industry as a whole.

The Luxembourg Space Cluster plays a key role in promoting the space sector and its companies on the international scene.

The Luxembourg Space Cluster organised a Luxembourg pavilion at the Toulouse Space Show 2016 to promote the national space industry.

In order to showcase the products and expertise of cluster members to potential clients and partners, we continuously update our catalogue of Luxembourg space capabilities.

In addition, the cluster was present at the Space Forum 2016, and brought two space delegations to Bremen, firstly in the context of an official economic mission, and secondly for bilateral discussions with OHB, one of the three leading space companies in Europe. We also organised a workshop on microsatellites and their applications in the context of the cooperation agreement signed between Walloon cluster Skywin and the Luxembourg Space Cluster.