Luxembourg has successfully developed into a global hub for information and communication technologies (ICT) and is now positioning itself as a centre of excellence in cybersecurity and data protection. ICT is also an enabling technology for a wide range of sectors, and as such a real driver of the economy.

We advised numerous established companies and start-ups on issues such as licences awarded by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF), funding and cooperation.

In 2016, the Luxembourg ICT Cluster also participated in or co-organised a number of events: the KPMG FinTech Award, Luxembourg Internet Days, Gala IT One and a study trip to London, to mention but a few. An event on the Internet of Things was organised together with the Cluster for Logistics, and the cluster contributed to the Eurocloud Award jury.

In the wake of the Brexit referendum, the ICT Cluster coorganised a seminar entitled “Luxembourg ICT Solutions for Your Business” in London.

The seminar highlighted the advantages that Luxembourg offers to companies that are specialised in e-payment solutions or depending on European regulations. Several expressions of interest were received from UK company executives wishing to evaluate Luxembourg further as a possible future location.